Wenling Huaxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a technological enterprise integrating independent research and development, manufacturing and sales. Located in Shangmo Industrial Zone, Xinhe Town, Wenling City, on the eastern coast of Zhejiang Province. The company was established in 1991. The main products are SUV, ATV, UTV, full-time, time-sharing, timely, four-wheel drive independent suspension drive front and rear axle assemblies, transfer case assembly, rear-mounted variable speed drive rear axle assembly , Electric vehicle reducer, electric vehicle gearbox, differential assembly, various mechanical self-locking electronics, electronically controlled differential lock assembly, differential housing, semi-axle gear planetary gear (process is cold extrusion, Warm extrusion and hot precision forging), worm gears, spline shafts, high-precision gears, MT, AT gearbox parts and other mechanical parts. Since 2000, our company has invested a lot of equipment and entered the automobile industry to support domestic and foreign automobile factories, all-terrain vehicle factories, gearboxes, and axle factories, which are well received by customers. First of all, the maximum speed of the electric motor is much greater than that of the internal combustion engine used in general automobiles.
For example, the maximum speed of the Tesla Model S is 16,000 rpm, and the Nissan Leaf (Qichen Chenfeng) also has 10,390 rpm. The red line speed of a general automobile internal combustion engine is 6,000 rpm, and the speed of a sports car is 8,000 rpm. In the case of a single reduction ratio, the vehicle speed and the engine speed are in a fixed ratio. The formula is:
Vehicle speed = engine speed / reduction ratio x wheel radius x 2Pi x 60 (reverse revolutions per minute to revolutions per hour) / 1000 (replace meters to kilometers)
Assuming that the final reduction ratio and tire radius of an internal combustion engine vehicle are the same as those of an electric vehicle, the speed that the electric vehicle can reach will be higher than that of an internal combustion engine vehicle.
Secondly, because the low-rotating torque of the internal combustion engine is poor, the actual speed reduction ratio required for starting is even greater, which further makes it impossible for an internal combustion engine vehicle to match the speed required for driving through a reduction ratio.
If we only look at the relationship between the maximum speed and the maximum speed, it does not fully explain why internal combustion engine vehicles do not need a gearbox. The maximum speed of the Nissan leaf motor is 10390 rpm, and the maximum speed is 150kph (km/h). The red line speed of the Honda Civic 1.8 is 6700 rpm. If the final reduction ratio is the same as the tire radius, the maximum speed should reach 96.7kph, which is a high-speed in Japan. The highway speed limit is 90kph. If speeding is not considered, doesn't the Sundial Civic need a gearbox?
There are even some high-revolution engines, such as Civic Type-R, Mazda's rotary engine, and various motorcycle engines, and even F-1 racing cars. The crankshaft speed is tens of thousands, which is not far from the motor. Why do you need a gearbox?
First of all, the torque on the wheels = engine output torque x reduction ratio. The larger the reduction ratio, the greater the actual output torque at the wheel ends after the engine is amplified. When the engine speed is zero, the torque tends to zero. Therefore, it is impossible to start at 0 speed. Idle speed is required to start, and a relatively large reduction ratio is required to amplify the torque. But the motor can output the maximum torque when the speed is 0, not only does not need idle speed, but also the reduction ratio can be made relatively small.
The final reduction ratio of the Nissan Leaf is 8.1938. In contrast, the first gear ratio of the Honda Civic Automatic is 2.666 and the final reduction ratio is 4.437, so the final reduction ratio in the first gear is 2.666x4.437=11.829, which is significantly higher In leaf. Then the speed value achieved by this civic in the first gear is much lower than that of the leaf. There is no way to meet the driving needs even within the road speed limit.
The internal combustion engine has low torque and low maximum speed. In order to meet the conditions of starting and extreme speed at the same time, the gearbox is necessary for the internal combustion engine. Not for motors.
The quiet and smooth section of the internal combustion engine, the maximum power output section, and the most fuel-efficient section are relatively narrow, and the three are different from each other. With the gearbox to adjust the final reduction ratio, it can be flexible at different vehicle speeds according to different needs. Selecting the engine speed and load greatly improves the drivability of internal combustion engine vehicles. For a good motor, these three ranges are very wide, and the gearbox has a limited effect on improving drivability. Compared with the reduction in transmission efficiency brought by the increase of gearbox, the increase in vehicle weight and the increase in cost are very unworthy. .

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