E(Z)T80 electric rear horizontal transfer case



The E(Z)T80 electric rear-mounted transverse transfer case is small in size, light in weight, large in load-bearing torque, and beautiful in appearance. The transfer case has a built-in differential lock, and the reasonable layout of the suspension fulcrum allows the transfer case to be installed in both directions on the left and right. The second and fifth gears can adjust the distribution speed ratio and install the mileage sensor according to the user's needs. The front-wheel drive output transmission can be arranged according to the user's needs; manual and electric shifting can be switched at will. Suitable for full-time four-wheel drive, time-sharing four-wheel drive, timely four-wheel drive electric SUV, ATV, UTV. The input torque of E(Z)T80 electric rear transverse transfer case has three specifications ≤120N.m≤250N.m≤360N.m for optional. Input speed ≤14500rpm.